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I have come to realize I need to look for some enrichment in my life.

I can’t depend on my grandchildren to sustain me indefinitely

the older two no longer want hugs and kisses, and while the five year old loves to hug me and have me hug her, my grandson doesn’t want hugs and kisses and Bailey is too young to know what she wants yet.

still I need to find something to motivate me outside of my grandchildren

a new project

A new hobby.

I wish I could write.
I want to, the only problem is from my brain to my fingers it gets lost in translation.

it is annoying as hell.

lately I have been reading a bit more……….but still that just makes me want to write more………….


3rd street in WL

I do long for fall and cooler temps though.



Posted August 21, 2014 by Marge in family, ramblings

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  1. Me too

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