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counting my blessings and other things   Leave a comment

had a very brief visit with my newest grand daughter this afternoon

I say brief because it may have been all of thirty minutes.

she is making her mama anxious by being up at night and sleeping all day
SO I offered to have her over night on Friday night so mama could sleep

I doubt Emily will give her up for the night but I could be wrong.

I am very blessed with my five beautiful grandchildren

I do know that.

I am however down about my job and this stupid humidity.

we have an exceptional summer and then school starts and it is hotter than hell again.


I hate it.

of course in all honesty I just want to be done with working and no longer be obligated to show up for a job that requires me to clean constantly so that someone can come in behind me and mess it all up again.


but I love being Nana and I do enjoy my vacations so I guess I should just quite complaining right?


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