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BRR…………..   Leave a comment

this is my grand daughter’sĀ  name

Bailey Rae Reinhardt.

I think I will call her BOO before I will nickname her BRR…………


or peanut…….or sissy or missy, but not BRR…………



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the last couple of days I have had a bit of the writing bug.
I wish it would stay and I could write up a storm

unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

I got home last evening and it left me within the hour

hopefully it won’t tonight.

but chances are it will………

if only it would stick around and I could write that next great American novel.



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if not before   Leave a comment

My newest grand-daughter will be born in seven days if not before.
My daughter went to her appointment and is dilated 4 centimeters and the doctor told her she thinks she will have the baby sometime before August 15th.
if my new grand baby isn’t born by the 15th the doctor will induce Emily.

which basically means she will break her water and that will get things going.

I am anxious for the new little member of our family and hopes she gets here soon.





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7 actual days   Leave a comment

in 7 actual work days school will be starting again in the Iowa City School District.

Am I ready for it?

Well not quite with the cleaning of the school but almost……….

and in seven days I will be.


it has been a great summer weather wise.
Lovely weather.
not too hot at all.
I am betting that once school starts it will get really hot

I hope not, but it usually works that way…………..


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what makes a person happy?   Leave a comment

I often wonder what makes other people happy?
Is it in themselves or in those around them?

I know a woman who doesn’t feel like her life is worth much if she isn’t with her husband.

I know someone else who has been retired for over a month and still isn’t happy

I wish I could help these people and make them realize that nothing is going to make them happy until they find a happiness in themselves.

Money won’t make you happy

being beautiful won’t make you happy

being adored won’t make you happy

being thin won’t make you happy

happiness comes from within and until every person realizes that……they are searching needlessly

Just my thoughts for the day


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