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I am so tired.
So very weary.
Sweating profusely while I am cleaning just literally wears me out.
Not to mention that I am over weight, I’m sure that has something to do with my being so tired as well.


Good Lord it has been a long damn week and it is only Wednesday.


Got some sad news earlier and it makes me wonder, why are some people so wonderfully blessed and others aren’t?
I don’t mean to question God and what He sees fit to do or not do.
I just wonder………


But others aren’t as lucky
I do wonder why?



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Let’s see, what shall I share today?
I am at work and have no ambition to be here.

but what else is new?
I feel that way quite a bit any more.


I was awaken at three am this morning to my cousin asking me via face book to play a stupid game.
needless to say I deleted the face book app on my phone.

I rarely if ever take my phone to bed with me.
But since my daughter is due to have her little girl any day now I feel I must have it with me just in case

My husband always has his phone on him, but I thought this way she could call me directly and not wake him up.

so I was a bit annoyed at being woke up at three am, for a damn game.


there is still quite a bit to do here at work but we have the next ten days to get it done and there isn’t that much to fill the next ten days.

still no news as to weather or not our apartments are going to be sold.
I vote we wait a year even if they are sold and give the new landlord a chance.
not sure what my husband is thinking about it.
he is more of a “let’s wait and see before we worry” kind of guy.

but then again I think most men are like that.

our eldest daughter made it safely to Detroit for the week

I do hope she is careful there…..

she will be back in Wisconsin by next Tuesday the 12th.

no other news.

work and home and that is as boring as can be.
Happy Hump day!


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