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I’m trying very hard not to swear.
I really am consciously working on it every single day

well today unfortunately I let loose.

My co-worker and I were carrying a heavy carpet extractor upstairs and the drainage plug came un done and spilled dirty disgusting stinky water all over my newly cleaned stairs.
I said “Shit!” really loud and then “God Fucking Bless it!” right after that

My principal comes and asks if we needed help

so he helped us carry the heavy thing up to third floor

I couldn’t apologize enough

but I hate that he had to hear me swear like that.



sometimes I just feel like this mouse

Nothing goes right and everyone is messing with my progress.


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My Mount Rainer is in the back ground of this picture of Seattle

I love Mount Rainer……….


and this is of Wyoming
Another beautiful state I must go back and visit one day…………..

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if I had endless amount of money I would buy a sail boat and become a master at the art of sailing.

or I would be come a master horsewoman

Or I would build my safe haven for unwanted children

or I could travel the world several times over.


Do I sound that shallow?

Honestly if money were no object there is endless things I could do………..


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my husband and I learned last Friday that the people who own our townhouse, are thinking strongly of selling them
These people are also our daughter Emily’s boyfriend’s parents.

So anyway because they are looking to sell the townhouses, my husband ( who told me at least once a week since we moved in last April that he doesn’t ever see us moving because he loves it there) thinks we should find some place else to move to……….

and why?
Because the person looking to buy the place is a bit unsavory and Rick is concerned that he will let just anyone move in and that we will constantly have to be aware of keeping the place locked up and everything secure.

(Grandchildren’s bikes, scooters and toys)


I don’t this man who is looking to buy the townhouses.
I know of him, but I don’t know him
I have heard rumors about him, but I don’t have any facts to back up those rumors.

Regardless we have been looking at places around West Liberty


At the moment we don’t have any money for a down payment because we have loaned it all to our children.

there is one house in town that needs A LOT of work but they are only asking $45,000 for it

Yes it needs a lot of work, but I feel if the foundation is solid anything else can be fixed.
my husband doesn’t want to even consider it.


so we are looking again.


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