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Sitting here at work waiting for my husband to show up and bring me lunch, I am thinking of all that needs done yet at this school, okay the list is short, and all that I should be doing to get it done.


I have become quite lazy of late

Probably in the last year to year in a half I have gotten very lazy


I am living a life of an old woman and I just turned 53

I am not old

But I live a life of someone who is much older than I am.


I think I may be a bit depressed simply because I have no energy and or desire to do anything.

I go home after work and sit on my fat butt and flip through the channels of the TV hoping to find something that entertains me

I go to bed, get up and shower and come back into work and it starts all over again.



Ideally I would like to have enough money to never work again

To help my children out with their bills and just enjoy my years left on earth.

but in all reality I don’t need money to do that
I do spend a lot of time with my grandchildren and kids

I do enjoy that immensely

But I enjoy my quiet, no one makes any demands on me time as well.


I have no really good close female friends

I hardly ever talk to my sister’s except Kathy, who just moved to Florida, and we email each other most every day

still sometimes I think I am missing the big picture.
Like I am a robot working on the grind and missing out on something really wonderful…………….


If I died tomorrow¬† I know I have had a good life…………..but………….is there things I want to still do?
Do I have any desires that are not yet fulfilled?
of course…………

since we only get this one time around, I need to live life to the very fullest……….

as does everyone

now I just need to find the energy and desire to get back out there and live it!


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