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colorado-pic  I’ve talked of this before

do I prefer the mountains or…..

madagascar the ocean


I honestly don’t know

I know I go to Florida a lot (my third time this year, will be in about ten days)

but I go to Florida because when it is freezing cold here, I want to be warm and Florida is a lot cheaper to travel to than say Hawaii

but I do love the mountains so very much
Luckily I get to go to Arizona and Utah in September


I can’t wait

I LOVE the west!

Soon I hope to go to Alaska and back to Wyoming and Montana

2099481-cbmt_st_helens_pre_1980-mount_saint_helens_national_volcanic_monument                         e24d2ee0-fc4a-44d3-aba4-6d68f8da83fe_medium                      alberta canada pic

but next year our big trip will be to Hawaii


and then who knows?
I do know if I want to retire any time soon I am going to have to start limiting myself to one vacation a  year

and since Kathy is moving to Florida……………

I will want to try and see her every year……….

okay maybe two vacations every year

Doesn’t look like I will be retiring any time soon……………

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2 and 1/2   Leave a comment

Good Lord this day is dragging
I have two and a half more hours to go before I can punch out and go home.

I SHOULD get off my butt and get back to work
but……I don’t see that happening.

I have no ambition to be here
And I broke down and broke my almost five-week streak of no pop and had a can of mountain dew, HOPING it would revive me
It didn’t
and honestly it didn’t taste as good as I thought it would

honestly I have a headache now from all the sugar


oh look, a minute has passed since I wrote the 2 and 1/2


I’m feeling like that little red caboose……”I think I can, I think I can…………..wait nope, I can’t and honestly don’t want to”
Yep call me lazy, because I definitely am today……………

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Thank God for………..   Leave a comment

Thank God for my family
Thank God for all of them being healthy
Thank God for the sun shining
Thank God for the rain

Thank God for stong muscled men who help me lift things and carry them up steps when I am too tired or weak to do it myself

Thank God for the air we breathe
Thank God we live in a country where we have free choices
Thank God for everything!


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I use to write ten blogs a day.
I made it my goal to do just that
I don’t any more because for one I find it hard to come up with things to write about and two, I don’t have a computer at my fingertips like I did at my other school

still I do believe this is number 7 today, and I think I am doing pretty well with coming up with ramblings.

The sun is out and I’m sure that means it is hot and miserably humid
I told Kayla my five year old grand-daughter last evening that if it wasn’t raining when I got off of work we would go swimming
looks like we are going swimming

Of course this is Iowa and the weather could change in a heart beat……but they enjoyed the city pool so much last week that I just have to take them again, because it makes me happy to see them happy
and really, what better way to stay cool, then in a large pool of clean, chlorinated water.


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deeper   1 comment

Do you ever think you live on the surface of life?
I find myself thinking I do exactly that.

I need to dig deeper……find the inner me and really learn to live “IN” this life instead of just on the surface.

by living on the surface I mean, basically floating through every day like there are a million more heading my way tomorrow.

If I knew I had precious time on earth what would I do?
What would I change differently?

Right this minute I don’t have a clue, but I do know I would not work and spend every waking moment with my loved ones.

I am from a family of seven kids
We have lost one already
My eldest sister is going to be 70 this year, then the second sister will be 65. my brother just turned 60 in February, I am 53. Kathy just turned 51 and Wanda is 49
And while none of us are that old, I can’t help but think……how many more years are we going to luck out and still all be here?
Losing Linda was hard and she was basically estranged from the family
The rest of us girls are closer than we have ever been

but what of tomorrow?
or next week?
or six months from now?

What if this is all there is and we aren’t making the most of it, because we stupidly  think we have hundreds of tomorrows waiting for us?

This is where the “Deeper” comes in

No one is promised a tomorrow, and if today is the last day of my life……….or next week or next month or a year from now……….I need to stop wasting the ones I have to live.
Does that make sense?

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no I don’t want to be here
I’m just not feeling it today
I have no desire to do anything
I just want to be a bum and call it quits

unfortunately I have to “Play” at being here because I have to be
Oh sure I could call in sick and or use a vacation day but…..I can’t see it getting better tomorrow………
I’m just sick to death of cleaning.

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This is my new favorite song from George Straight
It is on his new album, “Love is Everything” and George wrote it himself\
The song is called “I just can’t go on dying like this”

I’m driving in my car alone, you call me on the telephone, how many times will it take before I realize I’m just a use to be?
it’s a lie, I know it’s a lie, but I just can’t go on dying like this

Can I see you tonight, baby I will act just like you want me to
Or is that just exactly what I’m not suppose to do?

I think I will stop in here and have a glass of beer, I’m just a fool I guess
But I just can’t go on dying like this

Here I am again, it’s four am, I think I’ll play that song again, the one called “I’m so lonesome I could cry”
Then I will wonder where you are tonight, I don’t know, I just don’t know
but I just can’t go on dying like this

Can I see you tonight, baby I will act just like you want me to
Or is that just exactly what I’m not suppose to do?
I think I will stop in here, have a glass of beer…..I’m just a fool I guess
But I just can’t go on dying like this
Lord knows I just can’t go on dying like this………..

of course you can’t get the jest of the song because there is no music and I can’t download it here because it isn’t a song he has released.
however the song touches me.
I can’t even explain why except once I loved someone and after a long time I realized I was better off without him in my life then with him in it.


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searching…………   Leave a comment

my dear sister Kathy and her son Wayne and Wayne’s bride Lily are all moving to Florida here in less than two weeks
My husband, myself our son Brian and his wife and daughter and MAYBE Paula our eldest daughter will be driving down with them to haul the U-Haul down and then bring it back to Iowa.

I wrote a blog yesterday about searching for places for her to work and live (it somehow got lost in cyber space and I have no way to retrieve it)
It was so much fun that I actually got excited like I was the one doing the moving.
Of course I can’t move there, simply because my children and grand children are in Iowa
so Iowa is where I will live, probably forever

I have probably mentioned in a past blog or two that I wouldn’t mind having a condo down there on the beach and come back to Iowa once a month for five to seven days just to see the family
but that would mean I wouldn’t work, which is doable………but the expense of driving and or flying once a month I am quite sure would take it’s toll

besides if I lived down there would I really be happy there?

I love the ocean and the sun and the relaxing life, but if I lived there forty weeks out of the year would I like it?

I’m not sure……

still searching for things for Kathy was quite fun.


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whisper to me softly
those three words I want to hear
tell me that you love me
and will always be near
show me how you feel
by every single thing you do
make me believe you love me
make me believe it is true

I miss you even though I don’t want to
I tell myself we are better off apart
I try and convince myself that all of this is true
yet I just can’t convince my heart

so whisper to me softly
those three words I long to hear
tell me that you love me
and that you will always be near

prove that I am important
show me in a dozen little ways
whisper to me softly
those words will make my day


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I wrote a good decent length blog yesterday and of course it got lost some where in cyber space
Makes me insane when things like that happen
okay not insane, but it does tick me off.

Today looks to be very stormy out
The clouds are dark and cool looking
I don’t know if we will get any rain out of this but it would be cool if we did.

I just realized I have become my mother
She use to always start her letters with a weather report.

I have no energy today to be at work
sure hope I get some soon…….
thank God tomorrow is Friday

daytona beach

one more work week after this one and then I’m off to Florida for a few days.


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