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I’m having a bit of a deliminia

We have over $800 through Allegiant airlines that we have to use before October first or we lose the money

( this was due to canceling a trip with them last December)

The problem is l want to drive to Arizona

I have two weeks off of work and l wanted to drive through Colorado,Utah and Arizona and then possibly go back to Yellowstone National Park on the way home

But in using the money from Allegiant l won’t be able to go to the other states

And l can not see myself touring Arizona for two weeks

Yes l could just take one week or even five days

I don’t want to lose the money through Allegiant

So lm going to have to figure something out

I know dear reader you are probably thing ” oh to have such problems”


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moving…….moving……   Leave a comment

Well it is almost here


Friday and possibly into Saturday we will be doing the move and l have to say l am more than ready

It will be great to sleep in my own bed

It will be very nice to have my clothes back in a dresser instead of in a clothes basket

It will be super to have my home put back together so that when l get off of work l can enjoy it and or relax instead of constantly being busy

Yes l am very anxious to get the move done



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