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yes I know I keep writing about the move
Trouble is I am ready to do it and my husband isn’t so therefore I am stuck in waiting mode

work is work and while it pays the bills and pays me very well, I am ready for vacation

speaking of vacation in three weeks and four days my hubby and I will be flying the friendly skies to Florida again.


I can’t wait.
The warmth and sunshine are calling me

AND we are planning on going west this fall in September
I want to drive to Arizona and Utah and see all the national parks and then up through Wyoming to Yellowstone and back through Colorado as well

I have two weeks off so hopefully we can get all of that done in that time.
IF we can’t then it will just be Utah and Arizona.



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earth to Marge……….   Leave a comment

I’m not sure if I got over zealous or what, but I packed things so early I now find myself out of shampoo and razors!
I could have sworn I left both out since we aren’t officially moving for about eleven days yet……..but…..I just ran out of shampoo this morning and I can’t find a razor for the life of me.


between that and sleeping on the couch after giving up my bed…….and showering in the basement because I have cleaned the bathroom upstairs and I don’t want to dirty up the shower again (I threw the shower curtain away as well)
I’m beginning to think I must have been thinking I was moving faster than we are.

obviously since I could be moved by tomorrow and my husband isn’t wanting to move that fast…………


Water drop

(It’s supposed to rain for the next week here in Iowa, and I am thanking God it isn’t snow)

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