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teasing us with spring   Leave a comment

the other day it was sixty, and then Sunday night we got about half an inch of snow.

I want Spring!
As does everyone I know.
I miss green grass and trees and warm temperatures!

Mother Nature is teasing us with spring, but she is having the last laugh with these cold temperatures again.


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Emily   Leave a comment

We had Emily’s birthday party on Saturday night

She is 25 now.
Pregnant and about ready to buy our house from us.
Aaron wants a baby brother of course.
I think Emily does too simply because she has all boy clothes and toys.

Either way I just hope it is a healthy baby.
Love my grandchildren more than my own life.
They truly are my gifts from God.
I am a blessed woman.


Em's family 2


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Paula   Leave a comment


today is my eldest child’s birthday (the second in from the right)

with her siblings Matt, Emily and Brian.
she is 35 today
Am I getting old or what?

She lives in Portland Oregon as of now but I think she will be moving back to the midwest by summer time.

She is one of the smartest most self-sufficient people I know
And I love her dearly

Happy Birthday Daughter!

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house hunting   Leave a comment

my daughter and her boyfriend and the father of her 1.5 children have been house hunting.
not sure if they will get the house they put an offer on today or not.
I guess the people who own the house were very insulted.
They are asking $124,900 for it and my daughter and her boyfriend offered $100,000 expecting them to counter offer.
I guess the couple are so pissed they can’t even think of making any kind of counter offer as of right now.

Stupid if you ask me.
The place needs a new furnace and new water heater and central air through out the house.
Good God people are greedy

We have told my daughter and her boyfriend they can buy our house from us
My daughter said tonight “Adam thinks buying your house looks more and more promising all the time”
So maybe we will be moving as well.

We would rent for a year or two and then decide if we wanted to stay in West Liberty or move to Iowa City.
I would prefer to move.
But time will tell…….

they have to want our house first……


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not enough love for Leo…….   Leave a comment

damn he did not win
ticks me off
I have heard it is politics and if he doesn’t play the game as certain people in the entertainment business thinks he should he will never win the Oscar
Not sure if that is true or not, but he sure deserves it
BIG time!

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