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my daughter and her boyfriend and the father of her 1.5 children have been house hunting.
not sure if they will get the house they put an offer on today or not.
I guess the people who own the house were very insulted.
They are asking $124,900 for it and my daughter and her boyfriend offered $100,000 expecting them to counter offer.
I guess the couple are so pissed they can’t even think of making any kind of counter offer as of right now.

Stupid if you ask me.
The place needs a new furnace and new water heater and central air through out the house.
Good God people are greedy

We have told my daughter and her boyfriend they can buy our house from us
My daughter said tonight “Adam thinks buying your house looks more and more promising all the time”
So maybe we will be moving as well.

We would rent for a year or two and then decide if we wanted to stay in West Liberty or move to Iowa City.
I would prefer to move.
But time will tell…….

they have to want our house first……


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