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in a blink of an eye

true words.
Be grateful for all that you have and love with all of your heart.

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The trick is to wake up and feel blessed for all that you have

the trick is to not look at the negative things in life but only the positive

the trick is to realize that spring is “Just around the corner” and this winter will not last forever

the trick is to surround yourself with the people you love

the trick is to take care of yourself so that you are able to take care of those you love

the trick is………

there is no tricks

just learn to be happy in your own skin



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the color green is perfect

I truly believe it is one of God’s favorite colors, if not His favorite
Green just makes everything brighter and happier for me.

I miss summer I guess.

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I miss you
I don’t want to
and I really know I shouldn’t
But I do miss you

I wish there were two lives appointed to each and every one of us
because if that were the case one of my lives would be spent with you

unfortunately that isn’t how life works
and I am stuck with the obligation of doing what is right

but I do miss you.


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I haven’t seen Keira and Kayla for over a week
I miss them
I have seen Mirielle just last week
and Aaron I haven’t seen for over a week

I miss them
Life is all about family and I miss my grandchildren.

Of course I miss Paula too but she is in Oregon and won’t be heading back to the midwest till June or so
Brian I don’t see that often anymore either
And Matt I see once every two weeks or so
Emily is usually the one I see the most but I haven’t even seen her for a week now

They get all busy in their adult lives and forget poor old Mom.

the family part 2 (2)

I am a well blessed woman though.

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no school today   1 comment

They closed the schools due to the weather
I have the music on blaring and am cleaning and it stays clean!~
Such an exciting thing if you are a custodian at an elementary school!

I am not thrilled that we have to make it up at the end of the year, this school day I mean, but hey it will be warmer and the kids will be outside at gym and recess, so ……….
it is all good
At least in my opinion!

It is freezing rain now and they say somewhere between three to seven inches of snow after that.

Glad I work inside



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in that rearview mirror   Leave a comment

as I grow older I think back into the past and the mistakes I have made and the things I would change
I think of my children when they were babies and when they were growing up and how I took all of that for granted
now I have grandchildren and I treasure them so much…….these little replicas of my babies


I have loved and lost and still loved

I have tried to be the best version of myself and I have sacrificed things in order to be there for those I love the most

in the end it is just me sitting here living this life, trying to do God’s will and trying to get through it all


some days are harder than hell

Some days I struggle a lot

other days it is just a blessing to wake up and feel good.

would I change things if I could?

no question about it.
Would I change things for a different outcome?

but this is what it is.
This life I lead

I remember my eldest daughter saying to me once that she didn’t want to come to the end of her life and think “Man I wish I had done this or this”
Unfortunately I already know I will come to the end of my life and wish I had done some things that I haven’t yet done.

If God grants me the chance, then I will do it.

But that is a big IF……….


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my daughter and her boyfriend are expecting in August

I can’t wait to meet the new grand baby


Em's family 2Β and of course Aaron is anxious for that little brother he wants so badly


hopefully we willΒ  be having a wedding in the next year or so as well.

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oh how I wish it was May.
So that the trees could be blooming and the grass could be green
I’m not looking forward to the mud of spring and I’m really sick of winter, so fast forwarding to May sounds about right.

I’m anxious for flowers and opening the windows and just enjoying the outdoors.

yes I will say it again, going to Florida three weeks ago really ruined winter for me.

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feeling almost normal again   Leave a comment

It is wonderful to feel like I am a healthy person!
Love it!
Seems like I had a bad dream with that five-day sickness of cold and strep

so glad to be walking among the living again


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