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there was an ad in the paper this weekend about traveling around the country by railroad.
I got on-line to check it out and while it is expensive it looks like great fun
For instance, I can get on a train in Chicago and it will take me to New York City and Washington DC
both places I want to see but don’t want to go without a guide of some kind just because I want to see it all and will be afraid of missing the highlights if I go alone
Taking this American railroad vacation would be awesome
Another trip is going through Alaska by rail
That of course is more expensive but it sounds wonderful
Another is going to the Grand Canyon and then over to California and up to Yosemite National Park
that too sounds wonderful!
Another is taking a train to California and then taking a cruise to Hawaii and island hopping there.
Another fantastic trip!
The cheapest is about $1800 a person
the most expensive so far is about $5500 a person
but man wouldn’t it be cool to visit places like that?
In a group with a guide and getting to see all the highlights?
Another trip is just seeing the national parks out west.

One day I may have to do it.




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one step forward two steps back   1 comment

You know I made the move from a brand new school to this very old school
I love this school and I love that I moved

Two things though

My friends at the other school don’t keep in touch with me like I wish they did.
they said they would email and stay in touch, but of course, they don’t.

And I gave up some really good cleaning equipment from the new school that I just now realize I’m going to need at this old one.

Don’t get me wrong, if I had to make the choice again, I would make the same choice.
I love this old school and the principal here is so laid back and easy-going compared to the extra HYPER principal at the new school

all in all I am quite content here.
But come summer time when I’m going to need some things I don’t have here……it will be a bummer.

(no reason for the picture other than it is pretty.  🙂

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in a blink of an eye

true words.
Be grateful for all that you have and love with all of your heart.

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the trick is   Leave a comment

The trick is to wake up and feel blessed for all that you have

the trick is to not look at the negative things in life but only the positive

the trick is to realize that spring is “Just around the corner” and this winter will not last forever

the trick is to surround yourself with the people you love

the trick is to take care of yourself so that you are able to take care of those you love

the trick is………

there is no tricks

just learn to be happy in your own skin



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the color green   Leave a comment


the color green is perfect

I truly believe it is one of God’s favorite colors, if not His favorite
Green just makes everything brighter and happier for me.

I miss summer I guess.

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my friend   Leave a comment

I miss you
I don’t want to
and I really know I shouldn’t
But I do miss you

I wish there were two lives appointed to each and every one of us
because if that were the case one of my lives would be spent with you

unfortunately that isn’t how life works
and I am stuck with the obligation of doing what is right

but I do miss you.


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missing my babies   Leave a comment

I haven’t seen Keira and Kayla for over a week
I miss them
I have seen Mirielle just last week
and Aaron I haven’t seen for over a week

I miss them
Life is all about family and I miss my grandchildren.

Of course I miss Paula too but she is in Oregon and won’t be heading back to the midwest till June or so
Brian I don’t see that often anymore either
And Matt I see once every two weeks or so
Emily is usually the one I see the most but I haven’t even seen her for a week now

They get all busy in their adult lives and forget poor old Mom.

the family part 2 (2)

I am a well blessed woman though.

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