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I know this makes me sound like a baby
I know that but it is how I feel
I have been sick since last Thursday night
sick with the chills and hot flashes and coughing and sore throat that felt like sharp needles were piercing the inside of my throat every time I swallowed and sore ears
literally felt like someone was running me over with a truck every time I got up
I couldn’t get enough sleep and I couldn’t get warm even though I was sweating like crazy
Every day I am getting a bit better
Today I just have the sore throat

I told my husband and I mean this…..if I had to live like that for very long I would not want to live.
I was miserable
Literally miserable
And I thought to myself several times
I wouldn’t want to be alive if I had to be sick like this for days on end.
Maybe that makes me sound like a big puss but it is how I felt.

now that I am slowly getting better, I am glad I am still alive.


Posted February 10, 2014 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings