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rather sick of it   Leave a comment

Good God I am so sick of people criticizing others
Good thing this is a free country so we can all do what we want and feel what we want to feel.

I post a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio on face book saying I am thrilled he won a Golden Globe and all I get is criticism of the movie he won for
Honestly I didn’t care for the movie at all
It was all but an X rated movie
It was over blown and vulgar, but I still went to it because I love Leonardo DiCaprio.
he is the best actor out there I think

Regardless I get really sick of people making comments on things I write

Basically belittling me because I love Leo enough to go watch a vulgar movie he is in.
I know the answer to this Β is to not write

love my leo

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Lone Survivor   Leave a comment

I just saw the movie “Lone Survivor” with Mark Wahlberg.
Excellent movie


based on a true story and not one minute of it was boring or slow

Every American should see it


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Trying to talk myself out of it   Leave a comment

I was telling my sister I think I am a bit depressed

but then again it just might be because I am sick of winter and I ache for sunshine and warm temperatures

I don’t want to be depressed and I really strive not to be

but money and bills and the cold and winter blahs have me fighting for my sanity

okay that might be a bit extreme

I’m not losing myΒ  mind or anything

I just ache for something different from this……..

The beach, warm temps, full shine and a nice breeze……….



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NO!!!! But maybe yes……..   Leave a comment

I think I should probably get a second job for the winter
for two reasons, one of course is money.
there never seems to be enough anymore
and secondly I get depressed being cooped up all of the time during these cold winter days and nights.
Still thinking about it but more money would be pretty damn awesome!

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I’m dreaming of sandy beaches and warm sunshine   Leave a comment

Yes I won’t lie, I am sick of winter
Very sick of these cold temperatures
and while I know it is going to get above freezing this weekend right now it is miserable out
I did take a vacation day tomorrow because everyone else is going to be off so why shouldn’t I be?
I have been working all of this winter break and no one else at my school has so I figure I deserve a break too
so tomorrow is that day

daytona beach

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did someone say COLD????   1 comment

I remember writing a blog a week or so ago about it being cold outside!
What an idiot I am!
That cold was balmy compared to how cold it is today!
It is -12 degrees out and the windchill puts it at -40
Schools have been cancelled all around the Iowa City area
Damn it’s cold outside!

I know it’s Iowa right?
but I don’t think I have ever seen it this cold
The year my eldest son was born, in 1981 we had a very cold winter, but I still don’t think it was this cold

Did I say cold????


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bling bling   Leave a comment

as the day progresses I see I am left wondering what to do with myself
I have no money to do anything and while I would love to write, unfortunately it isn’t forthcoming.
My husband and I just came home from seeing “American Hustler”
not the greatest movie ever made
it was quite slow and boring but the actors did a great job.
it was neat to see the styles of the late 70’s and hear some old music too.

I will try to write here in a bit ……hopefully even if I read something I’ve written it will get the creative juices flowing.
however I’m not going to hold my breath.
Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking myself out of anything I’m just being realistic.

the house needs cleaned too so if I get off my lazy butt and do it, I will feel happier


(no reason for the picture other than that I like pretty pictures)

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It’s the little things   Leave a comment

My darling Kayla stayed over night last night
I love this child so very much
No not anymore than I love the other three, but she is so innocent yet in so many ways and so willing to give hugs and kisses where the other three aren’t.

Last night as we were getting ready for bed, she said “Nana I’m cold” I said “Snuggle with me and we will keep each other warm”
so she scoots really close to me and shares my pillow with me and touches my face
“Nana you make my heart smile” she whispers.
I kiss her little cheek and say “You make my heart smile too my little love”

Grandchildren are so exceptionally precious.

my exquisite gifts from God.

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Grandchildren time   Leave a comment

My hubby and I spent New Year’s Eve with our three beautiful grand daughters.
They have all gone home and today we get to spend a few hours with our wonderful grandson.
Life is good.
No better way to spend the holiday’s then with our little miracles
AND THE BEST NEWS IS……..Emily is expecting again.
So sometime next August or early September we will have another grandchild
My Heavenly Father continues to bless me and I am so very grateful

the family part 2 (2)

Above is my daughter Emily with her boyfriend Adam and their son Aaron.
Then it is my son Brian with his wife Tonyia and their daughter Mirielle.
Bottom left is my son Matt and his wife Crystal and their daughters Keira and Kayla

and then the last picture if of my husband and my eldest daughter Paula


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