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I just watched this program on Netflix called “Blackfish” about Orca Whales in captivity

especially Tiikum the whale who is responsible for killing at least two trainers

Some of it is hard to watch and some of it gave me chills

but in all honesty the whole idea of the movie is to get people to realize that Orca’s like any other wild animal should not be put in an amusement park and or a zoo (other wild animals) for people’s amusement

It was an interesting movie/show and it made me think as well.
But in all honesty people just get too comfortable with the whales, and or other wild animals and sometimes those animals just have a bad day…….and do something no one expects them to do.

But if they put Tiikum back into the ocean chances are he wouldn’t survive there either……because let’s face it after decades being in captivity

The whole situation is sad.



Posted January 19, 2014 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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