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I heard we are supposed to get more snow tonight

I just have to scream it


I know it is winter in Iowa but really I think we should just skip on over to April and have winter be done with


unfortunately it doesn’t work that way and we are stuck with what we get.

They say it will be 40 degrees on Sunday like it was last Sunday and I almost think the weather getting warmer like that makes it worse for me

It is a tease and then we are back into the freezing cold again.



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In ten days, yes 10 days my husband and I will be flying to Florida for 8 days
Daytona Beach as always but I am really looking forward to it mainly for the warm sunshine and ocean
It will be nice to just relax and have no demands made on me and not have to work
I can hardly wait

Daytona July 27 2012 008

(this was me last year)

and while I won’t be getting a tan because I doubt the sun will be warm enough

I do look forward to the walks on the beach and just the down time.

July 30th sunrise 2012 029



(Rick two years ago at Daytona Beach Florida)

stormy clouds on Tuesday 002

I wish our kids were going and their families but maybe next year????


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So I moved my computer downstairs in hopes that my husband would get on it.
He is pretty much computer illiterate and I think he should learn
there is so much to see and get information from different web sites if only he would get on
I even wrote out a step by step detailed instructions for him to get on to the computer
And he still hasn’t tried
The computer has been downstairs for two days now
He is home all day long by himself.
there is no reason why he can’t make the effort
sometimes I wonder if he is a bit afraid of it?

Hopefully not but……..yet he still hasn’t tried to get on it????


The two of us last summer

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