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I’m dreaming of sandy beaches and warm sunshine   Leave a comment

Yes I won’t lie, I am sick of winter
Very sick of these cold temperatures
and while I know it is going to get above freezing this weekend right now it is miserable out
I did take a vacation day tomorrow because everyone else is going to be off so why shouldn’t I be?
I have been working all of this winter break and no one else at my school has so I figure I deserve a break too
so tomorrow is that day

daytona beach

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did someone say COLD????   1 comment

I remember writing a blog a week or so ago about it being cold outside!
What an idiot I am!
That cold was balmy compared to how cold it is today!
It is -12 degrees out and the windchill puts it at -40
Schools have been cancelled all around the Iowa City area
Damn it’s cold outside!

I know it’s Iowa right?
but I don’t think I have ever seen it this cold
The year my eldest son was born, in 1981 we had a very cold winter, but I still don’t think it was this cold

Did I say cold????


Posted January 6, 2014 by Marge in ramblings