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a new computer   1 comment

I bought a new computer.
A desk top this time as I have had nothing but trouble with my laptops


I love this

it is so nice and the screen is so big!

No this was not a need but a want and I broke down and just decided to spend some money on me.

call it an early birthday present, or a late one if you will



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Fall is finally here   Leave a comment

Fall is finally here!
I love this cold morning

Only 47 degrees with a high today of 57

This seems like a long time coming

Considering it was almost ninety on Thursday,  just three days ago

but all the trees are changing and the temperatures match the calender date!
Love it!

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14 hour work day……   Leave a comment

here it begins, this fourteen hour work day.

what the hell was I thinking offering to work?
I must have been out of my mind when I volunteered to do this?????

But I am quite sure I will fumble through it.

It is quite warm in this building today

teachers are back to closing their windows and it makes it very stuffy and uncomfortable in here

darn it

but I will be sweating all day and evening anyway so I guess I may as well get it started

The best thing about today is, IT IS FRIDAY!!!!!
I so love my Friday’s!


this picture is calming……..which I need today………….

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I Hate THIS FREAKING COMPUTER   Leave a comment

for about a month now I have been having problems with my computer and my  eldest daughter and younger son worked on it and for a day it worked fine.

now  it is acting up so badly I rarely get on it

I am typing and it will skip back to several words I had already written or jump up a line or two  and start typing there

it is so freaking frustrating

not to mention it freezes or I get a bunch of pop up things that I don’t want and yes the pop  up has been disabled




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