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I have a friend who thinks she knows me better than I know myself

AND she is always trying to cheer me up when I am down and blue

I had a really down day yesterday and I felt like I wanted to run away from everything

She is her cheery little voice suggested I figure out what I like to do and make a career out of it.
I laughed at her saying in today’s world it is more of a NEED for things instead of a WANT

anything I enjoy doing is not something someone would pay money for.

especially if they were in a bad situation financially.

what would be the first thing to go?
Something they needed or something they wanted done for them?
obviously if something isn’t needed you cut back on spending money on that

she was trying to help I do get that.
But I resented it and her implying I could just magically find something I enjoyed doing and make a living at it.

Get real.

I think I offended her a bit and she was pretty cool today when I talked to her via email

but life is a bitch and if you want to be my friend you take my down days with the good ones

I didn’t ask her to cheer me up
I didn’t even say I hated my job

I just said I was having a day when I just wanted to get into my car and drive away from everything in my life

anyway…………..I hate when someone tells me I can do this or can’t do that.
Don’t tell me what to do.
I resent it.

Okay I’m done with my bitch session for today




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