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I had three of my four grandchildren today
It went pretty well
Kayla the four year old had quite a few melt downs so I made her take a nap
Aaron was the best by far and Keira the seven year old got mouthy a couple of times
but now that they are gone, and as I reflect back, they weren’t that bad.

I hate when Kayla has melt downs but the nap seemed to help that for the most part.
she gets upset when she can’t do something but she has no patience when I try and tell her what she needs to do.

It was exhausting but now that they are gone as I said, it wasn’t that bad.

They are all coming back tomorrow so we can have dinner together in honor of Labor Day but their parents will be here so that will be a bit easier.

Love my grandchildren so very much but as I get older I enjoy the quiet time as well.

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