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I’m 52 years of age but I live the life of someone twenty if not thirty years older than I am.
I exist by working and coming home and doing nothing but exist in my home till I go to bed to get up and do the same very thing all over again the next day.

I find it appalling and even criminal that I exist and nothing changes.

oh I get to see my grandchildren every now and then, and once in a blue moon something changes that shakes up the other wise non exciting life I live in.

is this the devil playing havoc on my mind again?
making me feel restless and unhappy?

I know I have many things to be thankful for.
I do know this and I am very thankful for all that I have.
Especially my children my grandchildren and my family as a whole.

but every now and then I get restless.

I wonder am I alone in this feeling?
Or do other people feel the same way?

I feel like something has to change, because I can’t let this be all my life is………
existing until I die.
Something has to give………


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floating along on this wave of life

seemingly happy, yet filled with strife

outward I glisten

inward I listen

I’m seen but not heard

I’m here but barely stir

I exist in this bubble

I cause no trouble

I float along in this thing called life

Does anyone not see me?
Does anyone not hear me?

I’m here but barely stir…………..

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Because God is all Powerful and Wonderful He has chosen to step in and let Lorie recover from her illness

I know dozens of people have been praying for a miracle for Lorie

and God has graciously answered all their prayers

She is awake and talking and breathing on her own

Not sure if she will ever be one hundred percent normal again, but she is a lot better than any of the doctors there at the University of Iowa  thought she would be.
Just goes to show you that My Lord is Fantastic and Good.


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