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look at where she is going   3 comments

My cousin Lorie will likely pass away today
They are all going to meet today,” they” being her children, and her sister’s and the doctor’s to decide what to do
The doctors told the children yesterday that it is the ventilator that is keeping Lorie alive
If they take her off it, she will probably pass away with in three hours time.

So really in all reality she actually died last Friday morning and has just been kept alive, her body I mean, since then

I don’t want to come across as being heartless.
I ache for the pain her children are going to have to go through
But look where she is going!
To Heaven to be with our Glorious Lord and His son Jesus Christ!
Not only will she be in the company of His Kingdom, but there are so many people there who went before her who will be thrilled to see her!
Her sisters Sandy, Kathy and Kitty
Her brother Jerry
Her parents!
Her grandparents
My mother!
My sister Linda!

This life on earth is ending but I have no doubt she will be alive and in wonderful company in Heaven.

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