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I love these pictures….. I love any picture that is beautiful and moves me in some way

on another note I have decided to cancel my vacation in October because there is no money to go anywhere and since I am starting the new job it seems insensitive to take vacation a month after I start

so I will wait and vacation in December and probably wait till next summer to go to The Grand Canyon


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Yesterday I went for an interview for a custodial position at another school
Seven miles closer to home for me, should I get the job
I don’t think I interviewed very well, for some damn reason I was nervous and I felt like I did a lot of fumbling with my answers
But I wasn’t even home forty minutes when my boss called me to tell me I got the job

I was shocked
I’m happy of course but still shocked because I didn’t interview well, even though he said I did.

Of course it could be the other applicants didn’t have as much seniority as me so therefore they offered it to me on that alone?
I don’t really care why they hired me other than they think I will do a good job
and I will

Unfortunately I have to wait a good ten days to two weeks before I can leave this place and go there.

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