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If I could do anything in the world today, and money was no option what would I do?

I am at a loss to answer that.
I don’t know


For one thing I can’t imagine money never being an issue

everything I do or don’t do revolves around if I have the money to do it.

If money was not an issue I would have a lot of things I could do with that thought in mind

I would love to learn to sail

buy a boat and sail around the world (with expert crewmen of course)

I would help my siblings get out of debt and give them money to fulfill their dreams
and my children too of course.

I would want to travel all over the world

with my children and grandchildren and husband there too of course to experience it all with me

I would full fill my dream of becoming a nurse to help people

I would give money to the poor and homeless

I would build homes for these people to live in

I would build my “Safe Haven” for unwanted children and help run it

I would own homes in the mountains and on the oceans and forever live in a state of living on that cloud with no responsibilities

to me that would be what having money and not having to worry about it would be like

Living a dream of experiencing new things



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Here it is Monday again and while I have a few things to do today here at work, the majority of the day I don’t have a thing to do
School starts on Wednesday so……until then, it is looking and spending more time looking for something to occupy my 8 hour day

on another note there hasn’t been any word on my cousin and how she is doing.

Last I heard she is still pretty bad off, but no one knew anything new yesterday


My brother-in-law is going to have a procedure today to open his heart value

not sure if that is anything more than putting another stint in, or not?
my sister-in-law wasn’t very specific


How I hate Monday’s.

and while I know I should be grateful for many things, like waking up today and all my children and grand children and hubby are well

I still hate being here at work


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