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For anyone who reads me and has for years, I have often written, especially in my other blog, about the death ghost visiting me
At one time he would come to me and with in a few days someone in my family would die

The last time he came and it was true was when my mother-in-law passed in 2006

I have since lost my sister and the death ghost did not come to visit that time
However for the last three nights he has come back, sometimes literally hovering right in front of my face

99% of the time, he floats around my bedroom and once or twice he has even sat on the edge of my bed.

Tuesday night he hovered right in front of my face

Last night he lingered for a bit near the ceiling and then left before I went to sleep


Today I find out that two family members are in the hospital with heart problems

My cousin is in Intensive Care after having a heart attack and last I heard at nine this morning it didn’t look like she was going to make it

My brother-in-law has had heart problems for decades and was having chest pains last night so his wife, my husband’s sister took him to the hospital

I haven’t heard what if anything they have found out today but I do know they were going to run several tests.

brenda and rick

(here is a picture of Rick and Brenda when we were in Florida in April of this year)

So the death ghost is validated this time, as it seems my cousin Lorie lingers near death

She is 54.

Hardly old enough to be having a heart attack let alone dying from it.

Lorie and Jenny

(here she is, on the left with her sister Jenny)

I pray if she does go, that the Lord will ease her children’s suffering.

Only my Lord knows who is allowed to come to His Kingdom and who isn’t  welcomed just yet.

I hate the death ghost.
Even when no one dies after he comes to visit

It is still a threat to my family in there and I hate when he visits.


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