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Colorado from Joann

wouldn’t it be cool to be sitting in this spot and looking at this beautiful scenery?

I love to travel
I love to see new places


My sister convinced me that it is best to wait and go to the Grand Canyon to see the north rim as it is so beautiful

If I went this fall yet the north rim is closed for the winter and doesn’t re-open till May 15th, thus I must wait till spring to do my trip


I want to drive, down to Texas and then through New Mexico and over to the Grand Canyon, then back to Utah and Zion National Park and The Arches

Then I want to head up to Wyoming and hit Yellowstone National Park again and come back home through Colorado

I know it is a long trip

About 4 thousand miles when it is all said and done
But it is what I want to do.

I think maybe it would be best to just fly to Arizona and see what that state has to offer and do the other states some other time.
My husband and I have often talked about just flying to the state we want and spend a week there- sight seeing.

I need a camper so I can travel without spending a  lot of money on hotels

and I would like to take my dog Max as well

ahh,,,,,good thing dreaming is free



The Grand Canyon




Yellowstone National Park






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I am aching today

I just took two Tylenol

ahh….my hand, where I just had carpal tunnel surgery is the biggest ache

but washing walls and windows isn’t helping it any.

yes I use my left hand as much as possible, but I still have to use my right hand


ahh….the joys of getting old.

on another note it is a beautiful day out.
The Good Lord sure has blessed us with a terrific summer



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