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I fall in love all over again   Leave a comment

My darling Kayla makes me fall in love all over again with her.
She is so wonderful

Her sister Keira went with their mom to her softball game so we just saw my son Matt and Kayla for a while.
Kayla is so smart and funny and wonderful and I adore her so much
NOT that Keira, Mirielle and Aaron aren’t just as wonderful as Kayla but when it is just me and Kayla, it is exceptional because she is full of questions and silly things
I have a fear that when she gets to school she will be teased because she is chunky, OR because she wears glasses OR because she has a red birthmark that covers part of her right cheek.
When she was born it went from the middle of her chin all the way up to her right eye but the older she gets the smaller it gets.
I fear kids will tease her
so I encourage her about how wonderful and precious and beautiful she is every chance I get so that she knows she is wonderful and precious and beautiful even if she is chunky and wears glasses and has a birthmark on her face

yesterday I am hugging her and telling her how wonderful she is and she pulls back and says to me “Will I be wonderful for 20 days or 40 days?” ( I have no idea why she would ask this)
I said “No sweetheart you are WONDERFUL EVERY DAY AND FOREVER!”
and she just smiles at me and gives me a big tight hug

Keira came a bit later and while she is exceptionally beautiful too, she is more shy and not as open and happy and showing she is happy like Kayla is
Don’t get me wrong, I DO NOT have a favorite grandchild!
But Kayla is exceptional because she is Kayla
I have told Keira dozens of times that if anyone looked up the word beautiful in the dictionary there would be a picture of her
She is like a china doll, so perfect in her facial features, her coloring and just her.

Mirielle is beautiful too with her dark hair and eyes

Aaron is exceptional because he is the only boy AND he is smart and funny and so innocent.

and the spite n’ image of his father and mother.

I am a blessed woman with my four grandchildren!
Thank you Lord for the beautiful family I have

Spring Rush at the Subway

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break is over   Leave a comment

okay, my lunch break is over so I suppose that means I need to get up and get back to work

I’ve worked harder today then I have for months
and the day still has three hours in it.

It is a good ache though and even though I am sweaty and stinky, it has been a great work out today

Happy Monday!


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what would you do?   Leave a comment

So I have a week of vacation in October
From October 25th through November 1st.
I am thinking of going to Arizona then to see the Grand Canyon instead of going next May
For one thing, it would be cooler in Arizona.
And for another it would be a lot fewer people there.
The only thing is I wouldn’t get to see the North side of the Grand Canyon if I go in October.

my other thought was heading over to Virginia and West Virginia just to see the fall foliage
not sure if I will or not…..
decisions decisions.
what would you do dear reader?


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feeling my age today   Leave a comment

I am 52 and 3 months and ten days old
I am feeling it all today

just spent the last hour and ten minutes moving science kits from the lobby to classrooms
let me tell you before I sat down every muscle in my body was hurting.
now that I am sitting here resting I’m not in any pain.
but the moment I move………….

well let’s just say I am feeling my age today

But I already said that didn’t I?


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too much going on up there   Leave a comment

th_aeaec17aI didn’t sleep well last night
Had too much activity going on in my brain
then it dawned on me about twelve thirty this morning that while I did not have any sugar in my alcoholic drink, that I mixed with a smoothie of strawberries and a banana, the fruit has its own natural sugars, thus that is probably why I couldn’t sleep
hard to manage to work with only four hours of sleep

but it sure was a good smoothie!

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