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whisper to me softly   Leave a comment


whisper to me softly, those three words upon my skin…………..mmmmm……feels so right


I’m a romantic at heart.

Not that it does me much good because the man I am married to isn’t.

I have been in a romantic relationship before and this picture reminds me of it

so calm and so relaxing and so content and serene

sometimes I miss that in my life…………

the feeling of being one with another human being.

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we have had a terrific summer.
Completely beautiful

we have a few days of heat and humidity and then we are back to seventies and no humidity.

But I do have to say I am looking forward to fall and winter.
Why, you may ask?
Because I love fall and the beautiful colors of fall like the above picture

and I love winter for the freshness and cold temps and being able to snuggle in my warm house and just be happy

I love the holidays too

So…..I have no complaints.

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$425 million less   Leave a comment

I didn’t play the lottery last night.
I felt I had one shot in over 500 million to win and it just wasn’t worth it since I knew I wouldn’t win.

I did hear this morning that three people did win it.
So they will each get around $100 Million dollars or so after taxes.
who the hell needs $100 million dollars?
Not me

I would like to win a $100,000 or so after taxes.
That would be quite awesome to win and pay off all my debt and have some left over to travel.
but $100 million or $425 million?

Nope that doesn’t interest me at all.

I did see on the news last night that people were lining up for blocks, FOR BLOCKS! to buy a lottery ticket.
that is insane to me.

I have said for years now that I don’t think the lottery should ever get over $10 million. And once it hits that amount, they should keep drawing numbers until someone does win.
NO one needs to win $100 million dollars.
that is just crazy

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would you?   1 comment

Wvirginia again

if you were in a relationship and the person you lived with and or were married to, if they didn’t want to travel with you to a new destination, would you go by yourself?
or would you give in and just not go?

I would love to drive over to West Virginia and Virginia when I am off at the end of October just to see the leaves change in these two beautiful states.
Not sure my husband will agree to do it though.

He is comfortable with going to the same place year after year but when it comes to something new, he doesn’t really want to do it.

So I’m not sure he would go with me……….

now the question is……..should I go alone?

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stalled   Leave a comment

I often think of myself as sitting on go, but stalled there with no ambition or just being  too scared to make that first step into something new


I need to lose weight

I need to badly but I just can’t seem to get myself motivated to do it.

even sitting here at work right now, I have no motivation to move from this spot

I am so lazy

and people can tell I am lazy just by looking at me


because I am a blimp, a blob of fat

I disgust myself.



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