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without a doubt this is what we need………….oh and God too of course.   Leave a comment


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weirdness going on   1 comment

I’ve had a lot of weirdness going on these last few days

I’m not saying I believe an evil force is at work but there have been some strange things going on

for instance,( and I do believe in ghosts)  the black “Death” ghost filtered through the back of my SUV the other morning on my way to work
How do I know?
I saw it in my rearview mirror.

now the death ghost as I have decided to call it, comes to me when someone I love or care about is about to die.
This scares me as I don’t want to lose anyone I love, but I do know we are all owed a death

secondly, yesterday I drove into work, stopped to get the school’s mail as I do every other day (this became one of my jobs last year)

and I got out, after putting the car in park, and got the mail

I got back in my car, shut the door and went to put the car in drive when it was like something was pushing down on the accelerator hard.

the engine revved up scaring the begeeies out of me

it lasted maybe five seconds (my foot was on the brake the entire time)

very strange


This morning I woke up at four forty-eight, I have my alarm set for four forty-five  to get up every morning

I got up, picked up the clock and checked to make sure I had the alarm on, only to discover it was set for five forty-five.
I did not set it to that time.
I have no idea how it got that way?????

And while taking my morning bath, I saw a spider up on the shower wall.
I kept an eye on it the whole time I was in the tub.
I went to rinse my hair and get out, and the spider was gone.
I looked all around for him but couldn’t find him.
Now where did he go?

These strange happenings give me the willies.

and I don’t like it one bit.



Posted July 19, 2013 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings