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my goodness it has been a crazy week for me

besides working, my evenings are filled with grandchildren and children and all my best laid plans are just tossed out the window when I don’t have time to do the things I planned on doing.


thank GOD it is Friday

not sure I could make myself come in here another day this week

I woke up tired and I hate that.

was having a damn dream that my niece Jackie and I were in a foreign country and as we were about to be robbed at knife point when I woke up

hate stupid dreams like that.

I think I slept well, but I just feel tired and achy all the time due to this job and the hard work here.



oh well, the weekend is here and I will have time to recoup

have the grand girls tonight and then the weekend is open after they go home tomorrow


Hope to see a movie or two




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