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I swear all I do is clean

clean clean clean clean

it gets so very old

on the upside though the school is almost done

the list gets smaller and smaller all the time

love that



I am finally getting a new bed

well it isn’t brand new, it belongs to my sister-in-law and she is getting a new bed so I get hers.

it will be nice to sleep on a bed instead of the air mattress I have been sleeping on for months now.

it is also a sleep number bed which will be nice.
Though I have tons of stuff to do to rearrange my bedroom to get a king size bed in it.

I have to get rid of my big wooden chest of drawers, and replace it with a taller more narrow one

I’m not getting rid of the wooden chest of drawers just moving it into a different room

the taller chest of drawers will work well with the king size bed and I am buying my son’s TV.

It will sit quite nicely on that taller dresser

The TV is older, bought about seven or eight years ago, but his wife said she hardly ever used it.

so that will be nice to have a TV in my bedroom for those long nights when I just can’t sleep

Usually watching TV puts me out faster than anything else when I am tired.


One more day till the weekend.
I will have my grand daughters tomorrow night and the rest of the weekend should be open

not that I have any money to spend because I don’t.


well my morning break is up so I guess I best get back to work

fun fun



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