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Colorado from Joann

wouldn’t it be cool to be sitting here on this highway seeing this awesome scene?

my brother’s first wife took this picture

she does have a way with a camera


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W. Virginia too

My cousin Scott is taking his two children and heading to Washington DC  on the way he stopped to take pictures

this one is in Virginia.
Looks like a place I may have to visit one day soon

Wvirginia again

here is one in West Virginia

West Virginia

and yet another one


So many places to see.

I wish I was rich, I would spend months on the road seeing all that the great USA has to offer


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wouldn’t you just love to be on this boat?
man I would

I have no idea where this picture was taken but it looks extremely inviting.

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some days I don’t know how I manage to get myself through a day.

I sat down here thinking I will add a few more pictures of the pretty pictures I ran across last evening, to this blog

only to realize a moment later that I downloaded those to my home computer and I am at work.

silly me.

on another note…..I am at the point that I need to get one of the new teachers stuff out of the hallway so I can clean the hallway, here at work, only to find that my two night custodians, both men, didn’t finish the room as far as cleaning it goes.


sometimes I feel exhausted just thinking about my having to go behind them and re-do something they didn’t do

in this room, it was the windows, the floor boards, the cupboards and tile.

I am still working on it and will be for another hour or so, before I can put her stuff into the room to clear the hallway.

AND I don’t know why but they clean a room and do not put new garbage bags in the clean garbage cans.
So I am going to have to go and fetch more garbage bags to do it myself.

Plus they cleaned a bathroom but didn’t stock the toilet paper into the toilet paper holder that holds four rolls of toilet paper.
it makes me insane

now I can hear someone out there thinking “Make them go back and do it”

that would make sense right?
but I can’t bring myself to do that when they are busy cleaning other rooms.

I am tired.
Extremely tired of cleaning

I wish now I hadn’t canceled my vacation in September

but I didn’t have the money to go anywhere anyway, and I refuse to take a vacation and sit home.


did I mention I am tired?


wish I was here enjoying a margarita and relaxing


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it isn’t good when you wake up and you still feel tired and achy

this is me every  morning any more since I am working so much during the day


one would think my body would be use to it by now but after thinking about it, I did just have four days off so now it has to re-adjust again


not good to feel old even before I begin the work day


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