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last minute cook out   Leave a comment

our daughter Paula is heading to town and asked if we could grill out

so we are going to at my son’s house

my youngest son has to work tonight so he won’t be there but his wife and daughters will

Emily my youngest daughter may not show up either as she had other plans and hates these last-minute plans

but it will be nice to visit regardless of how many we have there.


this is the six of us taken a couple of weeks ago
my husband is in the stripped shirt, then Emily my youngest, Brian behind her, Paula, me behind her and Matt my youngest son

Yes I am blessed with two girls and two boys.

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cleaning day and heat   Leave a comment

we have another beautiful morning in south-east Iowa today

Just fantastic out.

Today I am cleaning and getting ready for my sisters coming over tomorrow

it will be good to see them all

I haven’t hosted in at least a year

yes I have had them all gather at a restaurant with my organizing it but no one has been to my home for quite a while.


sounds like we are going to get the humidity and heat back starting tomorrow.

I’m not looking forward to that at all

it is great having it so cool and having all the windows open.

hate the thought of air conditioning and not wanting to go outside due to the heat

but alas, we are summer in Iowa.

comes with the territory

Happy Friday everyone!


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