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4 day weekend ahead   Leave a comment

I have the next four days off after today

Tomorrow being the 4th of July, is a national holiday so I get that off.
I took Friday off as a vacation day because what is the point of coming back to work for one day?
Then of course the weekend is here.
No great plans for tomorrow.

our children are all busy so…..we won’t be having our annual picnic.

Friday is going to be spent cleaning as my sisters and niece are coming on Saturday

and before I know it Sunday afternoon will be here and I will be faced with another work week.

But at least I have the next four days off.


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another beautiful morning out   Leave a comment

it is exceptionally beautiful out this morning again.

I love it.
60 degrees with a very small breeze

the birds are singing and the sun was coming up all pink and stunning.

love days like this when it doesn’t get hotter than 80 degrees and starts out nice and cool.

God is smiling on Iowa today!


Posted July 3, 2013 by Marge in ramblings