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if money were no object………….   1 comment

do you ever think about what you would do if money were no object?
if you had endless amounts of money at your fingertips?
What would you do?

I would pay off everyone’s debt and then I would travel around the world.

I would spend a good six months on that, taking any family member who wanted to go with me.

I would open a “Safe Haven” for unwanted children

I would give to cancer research

I would make a difference in people’s lives.

I would hire a trainer and get physically fit.
I would own my house on the beach, in the mountains and anywhere else I felt like I wanted to visit often

I would travel and travel some more

I would have a savings account for each grandchild for college

I would go to poor countries and help those who needed it

I would take art lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons

I would become fluent in several languages

I would buy a sail boat and learn to sail

I would buy horses and learn to become an expert horsewoman

I would go deep-sea diving

I would be one of those daring people who would take a trip in Outer Space

I would own hundreds of acres of land in Iowa, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana

I’m not greedy am I?

it is fun to dream though

Colorado pic

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I found myself being………..   Leave a comment

I got home from work yesterday afternoon and by five thirty I found myself feeling bored and listless.

what to do?
What was there to do?
I couldn’t find anything to hold my interest.

I still contemplate going back to school and then I would be so busy I wouldn’t have a moment of rest let alone a moment to feel bored.

it’s not that I don’t like my own company I just had an evening of “Really this is all there is?  Work and home and that is it?”
sometimes it seems like there should be more?

I know I could have read, or drawn or tried to write, or clean, or exercise……….

there was plenty to do, but nothing held my interest


maybe I am just bored with me…………


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occasionally   Leave a comment


every once in a while I can get a genuine smile out of my youngest child.

here she is with her dog Ali.
Although Ali doesn’t look too happy on getting her picture taken, at least Emily does.

I yearn for her happiness and for her to find out what she wants and needs in her life and then goes for it.

she is 24, she should have the world in the palm of her hand and can do or be anything she wants.
I wish she saw that.

It is painful to see one’s child in pain and being unhappy so much of the time.


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I am at work but really have no desire or interest to be here.
I know, what else is new?
I always feel this way

just rather tired of cleaning but to be honest with you we are making fantastic progress and the school is looking great

seven weeks from today school starts for the 2013-2014 school year

I will be ready for it, as far as the school being clean, but…….and this is a big but……….I won’t look forward to the kids making messes for me to clean up

but job security right?
At any rate they have to come back for me to have a job to do.

still think about school……………..

but you know me, I am a chicken.



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