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Seventy-five cent raise   Leave a comment

I got my contract for the new school year

I got a seventy-five cent raise.
makes me happy

makes me feel valued as an employee

even though I often say I am a peon and have no value at the district.

now I feel like at least I am appreciate if only a little bit

I still think of going back to school……but not sure if it is feasible and who would hire a fifty something person anyway?

maybe that isn’t the way to think or my way of talking myself out of going back to school???
I just think if someone had to hire me, or some twenty or thirty year old, they would go for the younger person every time.

just saying….



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thoughts and prayers   Leave a comment

just heard this morning my nephew’s girlfriend and the mother of his daughter was in a very deadly accident this past weekend

She is in the hospital with a fracture in her neck and a mangled left hand

my thoughts and prayers go out to her and all the others who were injured in this accident

And to the families of the two people who died in this accident.

just goes to show you once again

one never knows when it is their day to die.

Keep your loved ones close!

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