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what is wrong with me?   1 comment

maybe I am depressed.

it seems to hit me more and more, this crabby, hate everything bad mood I can’t seem to swim out of.

the current of negativity that consumes me…..makes me into someone I do not like.

I don’t know

I think a lot of it has to do with money

I should not be struggling week to week with not having any money

BUT we do tend to go out to eat a lot and go to movies.
I told my husband last night we needed to stop going out to eat.

don’t get me wrong, I love going out to eat…..but dropping $25 or $30 bucks every time we go eat, gets costly.

not to mention the damn gas it takes to do it.

I hate going home every night and doing nothing.

I can’t even go outside with the damn bugs eating me alive.
Ugh I so hate bugs!

I literally feel like life is slipping away from me and I am stuck with this anchor around my ankle pulling me down.

maybe it is time to talk to the doctor about depression medicine?
I hate to go that route, but the bad days out weigh the good ones anymore



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