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every once in a while I come across a different kind of picture

case in point the one above.



did this picture really happen like this or was it propped?


I love pretty pictures.

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Paula Lane   1 comment

I watched NBC night line last night and there was a story on there about Paula Lane, a California woman who was trapped in the Sierra Nevada mountains for 6 days and made it out a live.

this happened last December.

it was amazingly interesting and a miracle that she survived it.
I’m quite sure God was looking out for her.

Not sure I could be as strong and determined as she was.

Google her, it is quite interesting.

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I read the other day that my favorite actor Leonardo DiCaprio is going to go to outer space 

his ticket is costing over one and half million dollars.

there will be others going as well but his name was the only one I recognized.

I’m not sure I would go to space

I mean I think I would if the chance  presented itself but at the last-minute I would probably chicken out.

still the idea is appealing.

I bet it is breathtakingly beautiful out there………

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I just finished yet another book about falling in love

Sometimes I question my sanity on reading such books.

It was more than just falling in love, but it was about that as well.

and it makes me a bit depressed.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I know my husband loves me.

he tells me every day

but there is no romance and I miss that especially when I read a book about it and or see a movie where there is a loving relationship

I know dear readers you are probably sick of me whining about romance

but I find it sad that I don’t have that in my life.

doesn’t matter if I try and be romantic.

it falls flat because the person (my husband) doesn’t see it and or react to it.


if you haven’t ever seen the movie “Hope Springs” with Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep, you should watch it.
This is how my marriage is…..

up until the end anyway……

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I just spent an hour here at work putting lost and found on two tables, a coat rack and a full box of gloves and mittens.

sure hope kids take stuff home.

I have teachers constantly complaining of being too cold.
I don’t control the temperatures like I did at Roosevelt.

and someone is always too hot or too cold


I am thanking God for several things but today I am thankful that there is only 3 more school days (counting today) with the kids here.

four until the teachers are gone.

that will be wonderfully nice.

then I can clean and crank up my tunes and everything will once again sparkle like they should.


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