humidity already?   1 comment


I hate the humidity Iowa tends to pour out at any given moment

take today, it is quite humid out there.

They had the doors open a bit ago for the kids to come into the school and I can tell in the hallways that it is a bit humid.
I took the trash out after breakfast and coming back into the building… can tell the air conditioning is on.

I hate humidity

I hate when it gets above 90 too but the humidity is the worst.

I went to open windows yesterday at home, but as soon as I opened one I felt the humidity pouring in so needless to say I closed it again.

the house is infinitely cooler with no humidity in it.

thank God for ceiling fans too

they work wonders.

I do hope we aren’t going to go straight into summer after we are done with all this rain, but chances are we will



Posted May 28, 2013 by Marge in ramblings

One response to “humidity already?

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  1. Humidity and bugs – I hate them both. Had the windows open while I slept so it is humid in here. Took the dogs out to go potty and came in with numerous mosquito bites after only a few minutes outdoors. I hate this crap! I wonder if Arizona has mosquitoes since it is so dry there and mosquitoes breed on stagnate water?

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