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thought for the day

I’m very guilty of this.

looking over the next mountain to something that I think I want or need……


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the seven of us, born to our mother have one time or another dealt with weight issues.

our brother probably not as much as all of us girls, but he has been known to put on a few pounds around his middle.


Except for Cyndi who has been losing weight, the rest of us, the four of us that are still living on this earth, are struggling with weight issues

I am 65 pounds heavier than I want to be.
I keep gaining weight and it makes me sick.
but I don’t feel like I am less beautiful in my own way, than someone who is model thin.

Yes I would love to be thinner, but I am still a good person with good values and I don’t think my being 65 pounds heavier than I should be, makes me less of a person that someone who is thin and in shape.

I know not everyone agrees with this.
Some people are actually grossed out when they are faced with someone over weight.
I have seen it first hand, the look on someone’s face when they see someone a hundred pounds or more over weight.  They are disgusted and repulsed.
I want to smack them up along side the head and tell them to get over themselves.

but I can not control other people’s feelings and or thoughts.

Beauty is more than what a person looks like on the outside.
I say if you are a clean person who takes care of themselves, you can be beautiful at 300 pounds.


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