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from Paula


I love these solitary places where I can be at peace and one with the world.

both pictures bring me a contentment……

and I wish I was there.

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any picture on the water is beautiful to me


and while I am thrilled winter is behind us for several months, I do love seeing the snow caked on the trees


water again, and I always love rainbows


no explanation needed for this one……….


I could go on and on with my pretty pictures list……

but I think you get the idea.


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I don’t think of my mother every day like I once did.
It takes something like the picture above to make me think of her.

I miss her and love her always, but she has been gone 20 years now and she just doesn’t enter my head as often as she should.

it will take seeing her picture, or hearing an old country song.

or driving down Sand Road where our house use to be.
OR someone like George Jones dying, to think of mom and knowing she is thrilled he is on his way to heaven.

or spending time with my youngest sister Wanda.
of the seven of us kids, Wanda is the most like mom



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San Francisco

I have thought some about a bucket list.

things I would like to do before I die.

it seems to keep changing so…..therefore I add and delete to the list.

one thing I would love to do is learn how to sail.

and while this may be a bit hard as I get motion sickness quite easily, I would love to give it a go.

my sister Kathy wants to learn to scuba dive, and while  I am not so sure that is something I could ever do, I do love the water and would love to be out on it more than I am.

sailing seems so peaceful and fun.

so that is my new addition to my bucket list.


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