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Happy Birthday to me   1 comment

Today I am 52 years old

It has been a good day despite the cold weather.
it really feels like winter again here

thank God we haven’t had snow

My husband got me emerald earrings

which are nice.

I won’t say I am disappointed but it wouldn’t have been what I would have picked for me

This is my third pair of emerald earrings from him.

and while I know I am thankful that he remembered or put forth the effort to buy me a gift, I think he had no idea what I would like or what would make me happy

even though I have told him a few things.
Maybe I should just make a list from now on and let him pick something out of it.

Still I am not trying to sound like a bitch, and be unappreciative…..

The kids are going to come over for supper which will be nice as well.


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