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I was reading a person’s blog here a bit ago and he was talking about how he came into his self-awareness.
I need to do that

I need to find who I am and who I want to be

Do I have another thirty or forty years on this earth?
or will I die next Saturday in a plane crash?
or the Saturday after that on the way back from vacation?

What if I took off for Arizona on my own?
Do I like myself enough to spend a week or two with just me?
What would I find out about myself?
who would I become in that two weeks time?

I wonder?

I’ve been looking for a change for quite some time.
Maybe I just need to change me, and not change my address.

I know I need to find the person inside of me that I have lost

I would be very scared in a way to venture west on my own.

but maybe that is what I need.
Something new, something challenging.

something more than what I have now

I have always been “With” someone

I have never been alone

maybe now is the time to do that?

this is something to contemplate

something to think about.

I don’t want to have to ask my husband for his permission to let me go west by myself.
That is something I have always done though.

always asked his permission or at least his thoughts on the subject.

Maybe it is time to just take charge and say “I am doing this”


this has left me with a lot to think about…………Namimba Fish river canyon



Posted April 12, 2013 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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