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21 years ago today was the worst day of my life this far

My mother passed away

it was horrific and devastating to me

my foundation literally just evaporated out from under me.

I have never felt so alone and full of grief as I felt that day when she died.

yes I have had a few heart aches and some ups and downs since then

but nothing has ever compared to losing my mother.


she was eccentric and sometimes she embarrassed me with the way she blurted out nearly everything she thought.

but she was one of a kind

and she was fragile and beautiful in her own way.
I miss you mom

some days more than others.

but definitely today

even though I know she is up in Heaven with my sister Linda and my aunts and uncles

her mother and Sandy and Jerry too

I know in some small way she is looking down at us here on earth and I hope she is smiling.


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