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17 days and counting   Leave a comment

July 30th sunrise 2012 028

in 16 days I will be flying to Florida, in 17 days I will wake up and see this once again.

I so love watching the sun rise over the ocean.

it is majestic and incredible

I yearn for the ocean

full moon on August 1st 003



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truer words have never been spoken.

this is inspiring to me


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He talked to me   Leave a comment

I say my prayers every night before I go to sleep

I sometimes say prayers as I lay in bed waiting for the alarm to go off in the mornings

this morning I said a few prayers and then got up and shut off the alarm before it went off.

as I stood and walked to my bedroom door, God said to me “Things will be fine.  You need not worry.  Everything will work out as it should”

and I felt instantly peaceful.

all the stress and worry and negativity just left me

I felt lighter and free of all that worry.

It is a great feeling.


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