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black and white   1 comment


I’m not much for black and white photos

I love vibrant colors, but occasionally I can see the need for a black and white photo

dark-day-of-winterΒ of course the dark days of winter can be black and white and gray


I am just the kind of person who likes color in my day


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winter is back with a vengeance and it sounds like we are going to have another snow storm here in about 32 hours.

makes me wonder if there will be school on Friday?
Radio said this morning we could get 3 to 8 inches.

I was hoping winter was over with.

Not sure why as it is only February, but those nice warm days like we had on Monday, when it was 50 degrees, makes me think, winter should be gone and spring should be here.

just wishful hoping I guess.

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it cost nothing   Leave a comment


it costs nothing to be nice and polite.

I think parents these days have forgotten to teach their children this little piece of knowledge.

everyone is out for themselves and can’t take the time to be nice…..

oh don’t get me wrong, once in a while I see it, but not nearly as often as I should.

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honest words   Leave a comment


so very true

love shouldn’t have to be proven

it just is……..

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I want to……….   1 comment

there is a run down house with .41 acres of land about ten miles from where we live, that I would like to buy

the man is selling it for $15,000

it is about a block from the cedar river though and my husband is uneasy about flooding.

I would love to have it though.

Of course I found a condo in Daytona Beach I would love to have as well, with the back yard being the Atlantic ocean.

I doubt my husband would ever move that far away but I would love toΒ  and come back to Iowa one week a month to visit everyone.

ahh…..good thing dreaming is free…….



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snow?   1 comment

so the weather man on channel 9 says we are going to get snow on Thursday of this week

I was so hoping we were done with that stuff.
unfortunately it is only February so there is a chance we could have six to eight more weeks of winter and snow.

and while I know we need the moisture, I am ready for spring.

Β 17840_1271081630062_1620512909_648670_5362978_n

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as always   Leave a comment

My weekend is going fast as usual.

hate it.

I am only working three hours tomorrow since I have a doctor’s appointment for my left

not sure what they will say or do for that.

Have laundry in and I should clean a bit but….chances are I will just be a bum.



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