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so while I have plans to go out west in September I am still unsure weather I will take the full two weeks  and drive through Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado or fly to Arizona and just stay there.
Ideally I would like to do the driving because I love Utah and want to see it again.
But in all honesty I would like to see Wyoming and Montana as well.
I just can’t do it all in two weeks time.
I do know that.
plus I am looking at fourteen nights at hotels?
food for fourteen plus days?
gas for all that time?
it just seems rather expensive when I think about it all

maybe I will just fly to Arizona for the week and stay  home the other week?
decisions decisions

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hold on tight, don’t let go

show me you love me, please don’t let go

need me and savior us and fight for all we are

hold me tight, hold us close

love me forever

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I want to be thinner and healthier.
I want it very much.

yet every day, I sabotage myself and eat things I know aren’t good for me and end up feeling fat and bloated and definitely not eating as I should.

I make this choice every day

what is wrong with me?
Why do I want something but yet don’t do it?
I don’t understand myself at all.

surely there is something in me that makes me sabotage myself all of the time?
Any ideas anyone?

I detest the fat person I am


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here I am back at work and feeling achy and extremely tired already and I have only been here about 90 minutes

I hate being sick

not that anyone loves it by any means, I just hate how it feels like I am this weak little thing that can hardly control my own body and emotions because I feel so yuck.

not a good feeling at all.

but I have had enough of doing nothing at home but laying there and flipping the channels on the TV.

I did watch a couple of movies though

Yesterday I watched “The Hours” based on Virginia Woolf.
And Tuesday I watched “We need to talk about Kevin”

which I have to say was exceptionally done and the whole context bothered me greatly.
I had a hard time going to sleep that night because the evil in the little boy named Kevin, was hard for me to take

I highly recommend the movie to everyone though, it isn’t a child’s movie but it definitely makes a person think about things.

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