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a whole lot of nothing to say   Leave a comment

I use to make a point of writing ten blogs a day

now I find myself searching for things to write about

I love pictures of beautiful things and I tend to let a picture pick my topic quite a bit of the time anymore


I could talk about my love of roses, but I know I have done that a time or two

I could talk about my love for Thomas Kincaid’s work, but I have written about that as well


I love the ocean


and the mountains

300px-oceanrangerย but everyone who reads me know these things as well

My heart and soul belong to God and my family and I can only imagine that people get tired of reading those things as well.

so I am fresh out of what to write about.
Maybe I will take a break for a while.


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black and white   1 comment


I’m not much for black and white photos

I love vibrant colors, but occasionally I can see the need for a black and white photo

dark-day-of-winterย of course the dark days of winter can be black and white and gray


I am just the kind of person who likes color in my day


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winter is back   Leave a comment


winter is back with a vengeance and it sounds like we are going to have another snow storm here in about 32 hours.

makes me wonder if there will be school on Friday?
Radio said this morning we could get 3 to 8 inches.

I was hoping winter was over with.

Not sure why as it is only February, but those nice warm days like we had on Monday, when it was 50 degrees, makes me think, winter should be gone and spring should be here.

just wishful hoping I guess.

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it cost nothing   Leave a comment


it costs nothing to be nice and polite.

I think parents these days have forgotten to teach their children this little piece of knowledge.

everyone is out for themselves and can’t take the time to be nice…..

oh don’t get me wrong, once in a while I see it, but not nearly as often as I should.

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