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how could I have forgotten?   Leave a comment

I made a mistake

and I have to tell you, after having four children of my own and now having four grandchildren, I still don’t know how I forgot this.

Miss Kayla Renee wants to go swimming

well I made the bad decision of telling her I would get a hotel room and we would go.

I did, on February 23rd.

but I made the mistake of telling her about it.

Now every few minutes she wants to know when we are going swimming.
I told her, I showed her on the calendar even, and I showed her on her hands and mine.
it is ten days away

still her little four-year old mind can’t get around the fact that ten days is ten days and she wants to go NOW!



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it was   Leave a comment


it was real, it was magic, it was strong, it was tragic

it was free like a bird, it was warm to the touch,

it was never enough, it was always too much

it did all the things love does

that’s how I knew it was

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take me away   Leave a comment


take me away

get me out of here

there has to be more

there just has to dear

I feel like a robot

doing the same thing every day

it’s boring and uneventful

and this is just no way to live

no I’m not depressed

I’m of full sound and mind

I’m just in a mood

(never have been a poet and never will be )

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one more day   Leave a comment


one more day till that special day where everyone spends loads of money on presents for their loved ones.

one more day and then it is over with and we can get on with Easter!
Ha ha.

I think Valentine’s day is a wasted day.

you shouldn’t need a special day to tell those you love, that you love them.

if you do, then there is something seriously wrong.

maybe I have just never been so head over heels in love that I needed to express the day?
Who knows?
regardless I hate when the calendar says people should act this way or that way……


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